Stupid RenderMan/RAT Tricks 2003

Welcome to the Fifth Annual Stupid RenderMan/RAT Tricks!

What's on this page?

Materials from the 4rth installment of Stupid RenderMan/RAT Tricks.
Hal Bertram     Micropolygon baking
Ian Stephenson  Rendering Smoke with polygon maps
Mach Kobayashi  Baking geometry into texture maps
Kevin Smith     Faking refraction for Goluum's Eye's
I have been in contact with the other speakers and they are still planning on submitting materials here. They just have been a little busy. I will post them as soon as I they arrive. -- Tal 9/18/03

Rendering Smoke with polygon maps

Ian Stephenson presented a technique which stores particles in photon-maps and then ray marches in an atmosphere shader.

Here are his powerpoint slides. Ian has provided some example code: pmap.tar.gz. You may want to check his site directly for any updates.

Baking Geometry into Texture Maps

Mach Kobayashi presented rendering optimizations he came up with for a game. Here are his slides.

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