Stupid RenderMan/RAT Tricks 2007

Welcome to the Ninth Annual Stupid RenderMan/RAT Tricks!

What's on this page?

Materials from the 9th installment of Stupid RenderMan/RAT Tricks.

Apurva Shah
Mach Kobayashi
Doug Epps
Dan Piponi
Jun Saito/Tomoaki Saito


Baked Ambient Occlusion

Apurva Shah talks about baking raytraced occlusion for fur. PDF document (gzip-ed).

Indirect Deep Framebuffer

Doug Epps talks about using Atmosphere shaders for non-Atmosphere things PDF document (gzip-ed).

The Stupidest Shader I Ever Written

Mach Kobayashi talks about writting a clock DSO! mach_kobayashi.pdf.gz and mach2007.tgz containing extra notes.

A Language for Blobbies

Dan Piponi talks about a DSO to make it easier for dealig with blobbies. Piponi07.pdf.gz (gzip-ed)

Point Cloud Viewer for Maya

Jun Saito/Tomoaki Saito from Sega present a point cloud in a Maya viewport. PointCloudViewerForMaya.pdf.gz (gzip-ed)
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