Stupid RenderMan/RAT Tricks 2008

Welcome to the Tenth Annual Stupid RenderMan/RAT Tricks!

What's on this page?

Besides this being the 10th annual Stupid RenderMan Tricks, this year marked the 20th anniversary of RenderMan.

To help celeabrate this occasion, there were two guest speakers:

Rob Cook and Tony Apodaca -- Who in their own way covered some of the early origns of RenderMan.

Materials from the 10th installment of Stupid RenderMan/RAT Tricks.


Ian Stephenson
Steve Agland
Laurent Charbonnel
Daniel Maskit
Rob Pieke
Dan Piponi
Ted Burge
Bernard Edlington

NOTE: I am doing something a little different this year.

Besides providing, the static PDF files so you can read the slides more clearly. As the presentations were in Keynote and many of the presenters having animations included them, I am providing a low-res .MOV file that contains the slides and the movies. You will need to click on each slide to advance to the next slide. If the slide contains any animation that will play automatically.

If you were there and want to be wowed again or if you missed this tricks and want to drop your jaw, than make sure to watch the movie files!

A Bourne shell binding for RI

Ian Stephenson presents, Rensh -- RenderMan shell. That's right the renderer written in SH! (PDF) (MOV)

Hologram Shader

Steve Agland presents a Hologram shader -- as seen through thick ice. (PDF) (MOV)

Dynamic Textures

Laurent Charbonnel presents Dynamic Textures. Every wanted to play 3D Pong on a teapot using RenderMan? Well now you can!. (PDF) (MOV)

Filtration with Massive

Daniel Maskit


Rob Pieke presents Portals. A single-pass renderer allowing teleportation of sight, light, and geometry. Inspired from Pixar's short: Presto. (PDF) (MOV)


Dan Piponi

Mouse Pointer Position

Ted Burge

Feather Pipelilne

Bernard Edlington
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