The following are PDF notes written to support a course taught by Malcom Kesson at the School of Design, Wellington Polytechnic. More background information can be found at: RenderMan Course PDFs.

Excerpt from Malcom's RenderMan Web page:

In Progress

The following sections are incomplete:-

5 Shaping Up

A sub-section dealing with the way in which RenderMan handles polygons has yet to be added. Several modelling exercises using polygons will also form part of this chapter.

10 Importing Fragments

The contents of this chapter are almost complete but some diagrams have yet to be included and the body copy still requires some editing.

Additional sections that may be added later include a general explanation about "viewing" and shading as well as the following,

11 Advanced Texture Mapping

A chapter dealing with the relationships between cartesian space, texture space and parameter space. Use of texture 's' and 't' parameters to control the texturing of polygons and the use of the command TextureCoordinates to likewise control the texturing of quadric surfaces.

12 Solid Modelling

A chapter dealing with the principles of boolean operations on sets of enclosed objects

Malcolm Kesson April 9th 1995

2 Getting Started (77K)
Using a default camera
Setting a perspective view
Rotating an object
Scaling Assembling an object Syntax and the structure of a RIB file
3 Transformations (110K)
Translation Rotation Scaling Skewing
Applying transformations
Applying sequences of transformations
Rotating an object
4 Shading - the basics (55K)
Using lights and materials
Applying an image to an object
Preparing an image for texture mapping
Using an image to displace a surface
Avoiding rendering errors and improving performance
5 Shaping Up - Library Objects and Polygons (253K)
Overview - quadrics and polygons
RenderMan's library of quadric surfaces
Placing objects in the world
Positioning the world relative to the camera
Modelling a coffee mug
The effects of scaling and translation
Reusable geometry
Playing with materials - surface shaders wood, carpet and spatter
Making a composition the wrong way
Making a composition the correct way
Another way of grouping objects
Summary of methods relating to the grouping of objects
A simple polygon model (to be added)
Avoiding rendering errors and improving performance
6 An Improved Camera (110K)
Depth of field
Motion blur
Field of view
Matching a VR camera to a real camera
7 Animation (77K)
Using FrameUP
Animated texture and displacement maps
8 Basic Lighting (77K)
Defining a light source
Types of light sources - descriptions
Types of light sources - examples
An example script Reference
Positioning lights in space
Animated texture and displacement maps
9 Advanced lighting - Casting Shadows (110K)
An example script
Types of light sources - descriptions
The shadow algorithm: how it works
An example animation
Positioning lights in space
10 Importing Fragments (44K)
A sample fragment
Importing correctly
Importing incorrectly
Fragments and objects Restrictions
Appendices (154K Total) Appendix A - Overview of MacRenderMan
Appendix B - RenderMan Quick Reference
Appendix C - Shaders Reference Appendix D - Projects
Separating Shape from Shading
Separating Shape from Shading

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