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has three products: MaxMan and SotfMan and now MayaMan. MaxMan is a converter for 3DMAX and SoftMan is a converter for Softimage, and MayaMan is a plugin for Maya users. Check out the links for more information.

Is a Java application, written by Peter Quint, that will automatically process RIB to generate shadow maps, environment maps, and reflection maps. as of version 0.8 AutoRIB can now: calculate the 'origin' of environment maps, the ScreenWindow for shadow maps for distant lights and the camera position for flat plane reflection maps entirely from the object data in the RIB file. There are also instructions for adding a dome of lights (useful for creating occlusion style shadows) etc.

dos and linux program to convert 3D Studio to RIB. Also From this page there is a beta for a 3DStudio Max RIB exporter. Brought to you by Alex Segal of RMC CG & Animation Studio.

is a procedural shader authering application. It can be used to create RenderMan shaders (and 3ds max, LightWave, Cinema4D, trueSpace, Animation:Master. Also, I believe they are experimenting with Cg)

is a collection of scripts to convert 3DMax scenes to RIB.

from Gestel, converts IGES and Alias files to RenderMan.

a Mental Ray to RenderMan converter.

or rather Martian Glue from Martian Labs. You really need to check out the web site to get this. But in short RIB data gets converted into a Houdini scene and go from there.

Hash plugin
to export RIB for Hash Animation Master '99 from Mike Hough

converts Inventor 2.0 and VRML 1.0 files to RIB. Brought to you by Cowhouse Productions. Of note: last I checked it converts everything to polygons. But there is source available.
a LightWave 7&8 plugin, by Felipe Esquivel, to export RIB. It currently exports LW camera, lights, and polygons. More information can be found at the deathfall site.

a Lightwave to RenderMan Plugin. Warning the documentation is in Japanese only.

by Timm Dapper, is a collections of Lightwave plugins to interface with RenderMan.

An Open Sourced Maya to RenderMan plug-in! It has been used by Weta Digital for Lord of the Rings!

An experimental plugin for exporting to RIB with Animation Master. Written by Nicholas Yue.

part of the RenderMan Artist Tools suite from Pixar, is a plugin to Maya. It translates Maya scenes out to RenderMan. It allows for both attaching and editing RenderMan shaders and parameters. MTOR also allows for connecting Maya information to shader parameters.

A Mental Ray to RIB converter.

PaC Man
is a converter by Przemyslaw Koprowski. It takes RIBS that contain RiPoints and RiCurves and converts those primitives into primitives that BMRT can use to render with.

a Python script, by Stefan Werner, to export Poser 5 to RIB.

A POV to RIB converter, by Christian Vogelgsang.
A plugin, from Henning Hoffmann, for 3ds Max. Allows you to bind RenderMan shaders and even animate shader parameters to your scenes within 3ds Max! More? Ok, other features include support for motion blur, RIB boxes, ray tracing, shadow maps, subds, DelayedReadArchives, and more. There is a free demo available to download.

A Gelato Plug-in allowing Gelato to read RIB scenes.

A RSL parser that can emit RSL and GSL (Gelato).

Subdivisional Mesh
with prman and Houdini! Keita Maeda has made a page showing how to change PointsGeneralPolygons to Subdivisional Mesh.

exports scenes from the Visualization Toolkit. Author: Bill Lorensen

a product from Okino Computer Graphics, Inc. For example it allows one to export 3DMAX and Lightwave to information to RIB.

Modelers & Animation

polygon based 3D modeler for Linux, SGI, SUN, and W95/NT. It outputs RIsupportsB and other formats.

a free 3D modeling environment for the RenderMan interface. It runs under Unix and Win32.

generates 3D text objects. The source code is available.

polygonal modeler geared towards subdivisional meshes. Output prman3.8. Runs under NT4.0.

a geometry viewing program that can generate RIBs.
a modeling program that exports RIB. Runs under windows.

A 3D modeler. Some highlights: exports RIB, custom objects, scripting in Tcl, displays in OpenGL. This site has some pretty nice pictures. Mops is done by Randolf Schultz

allows one to create seashells. One of the formats that it exports is RIB. The program runs under Linux, IRIX, and W95/NT. Author: Randolf Schultz

Shave and a Haircut
is a PC program for modeling and animating hair. Works nicely with Lightwave. It will be getting support for RenderMan soon. Joe Alter is the author.

Animal Logic
sure has been busy. 1st SoftMan, a SoftImage plugin for exporting RIB. Now MaxMan, a 3D Studio Max plug-in to generate RIB. It is suppose to be out in July.

a great procedural modeling and animation package (their particles and dynamics aren't too shabby either). It has one of the best interfaces to RenderMan that I have come seen. Brought to you by Side Effects Software. Runs on SGI, NT, and Linux. Side Effects Software, frequently offers course of varing levels and costs. To find out if, when, how much a class is near you and to RSVP check out: http://www.sidefx.com/education/training.shtml

provides information on low cost modeling and visualization software and techniques. It also has information Portable Digital Stage which is a collection of digital models in RIB. The site is maintained by Gavin Donaldson-Selby.

NURBS based modeler for W95/NT. from Robert McNeel & Associates

maintained by Brian Perry, allows one to render RIBs through BMRT and tweak parameters. There are also some dsplay drivers that are available for download.

A really cool modeler with excellent support for RenderMan.

3D animation and visualization which can write out RenderMan RIB files.

a Constraint Based Scene Design modeler. Sced is an X-based modeler which can be obtained in source form. One of its output formats is RIB.

a modeling and animation package that runs on the Macintosh has RIB export support. The company may be working on Linux and NT ports, too.

High Dynamic Range images

HDR Shop
from Paul Debevec's site. It has various functionality for doing various things with HDR related images. This program makes it much easier to make use of these types of images with RenderMan. The program only runs under Windows machines.


The Affine Toolkit
by Thomas E. Burge, is a compilation of libraries for reading/writing RIB; conversion tools; RIB utilities; and filters.

has shaders that can be found under the BMRT&RhinoMan and Shaders&Stuff for BMRT/RhinoMan links.

CEC in Computer Animation and Digital Effects
has a website containing subjects and examples for subjects like lighting, Houdini, and RenderMan.

has several BMRT and MTOR tutorials. The site also has a bunch of other links and news items on CG.

has various links to RenderMan related plugins, tools, and shaders.

A collection of RIB and shaders to bake out 16-bit grayscale displacement maps from the offset between two similar models.

has a bunch of RenderMan related links and utilities. Things like: renderFarm (program to distribute BMRT renders) and slcEditor (a material previewer). Just to name a few. NOTE: These utilities only run under Windows. Also some of the popular english RenderMan resources have been translated into Russian Russian.

Jorge Daza is working on a distributed render queue project and has added BMRT support for it.

by Ian Stephenson, allows one to have PRMan fire up Houdini (via hscript - text based Houdini) to extract RIB code from various Houdini SOPs.

has a set of forums on various 3D topics. There are also some sections dealing specifically to RenderMan and MTOR.

is a great place with tips, tricks, and scripts with Houdini. Some of these include using Houdini with prman and BMRT.

The RenderMan Academy
Another site dedicated to RenderMan. Its emphasis is on getting one up to speed even if you don't have much of a technical background.

another site with RenderMan info. Maintained by: Simon Bunker

RSL Documentation
Dominik Susmel has started to put together some documents for learning the RenderMan Shading Language.

a simple Tcl/TK script for setting paramters for the various BMRT renderers. It runs on both UNIX and W95/NT systems.

--A GUI for changing shader parameters. It was originally written by Andreas Butz. It has since been updated by Goran Kocov. In fact it has just recently been updated and now has support for Entropy..

Jan Walter
has a set of Python export scripts for Blender.

Johan Aberg
has set up some RenderMan Related pages. These include: ShaderLib, BMRT Benchmark, and Rhino & BMRT tutorials.
Speaking of Benchmarks, it looks like somebody has put together a BMRT benchmark in honor of BMRT's creator, called Gritzmark

has a link called My RenderMan Study it is a work in progress, while he is learning RenderMan. Right now he is working on CGI trees. BTW --he was the one who was seen at the "Stupid RenderMan Tricks", showing how to do worlds with just a couple of spheres.

Steve May's
Digital Lighting class is online. Here you will also find the RenderMan Notes. If you want to learn more about RenderMan Shaders, this is a great resource. Also from Steve May's group AL, (stands for Animation Language, what else). AL is an programming language for modeling and animation sort of like Pixar Menv (or so I hear). Runs on SGIs and Linux.

Neal Mcdonald
has a web page with some shaders and perl scripts.

Jonathan Merritt
has a web site, raybmrt, that walks one through using BMRT to create reflections, refraction, shadows, and caustics. Jonathan now has a particle systems library with RenderMan-compliant output, PartSys.

Malcom Kesson
is teaching a course on Programming Models and Shaders The site has lots of RenderMan snippets.

Genetic Graphics Inc. has put together 4500 shaders. NOTE: You will need a special program (from Turbo Squid) which currently only runs under Windows to get access these shaders. Also you will have to pay for these shaders. (There are a handful available to download for free).

an interactive shader authoring tool from Cinema Graphics. It allows non-programmers to quickly create and edit shaders.

is a GUI, done by Robert Coldwell, for 3Delight. It has a RIB and shader editor. Currently it only runs under Mac OS X.

Ugo Varetto
has a web site that has a some programs that work with BMRT. One of these is called Free Dimensions, a modeling/animation program.

by Bill Lorenson, RIB exporter for vtk (an O O visualization toolkit).

Makina Works
has has a lot of pictures rendered by RenderMan.

Nicholas Yue
has a website with some examples and a few utilities for working with Houdini and RenderMan

Other links of interest:

A great site with lots of links to other interesting CG sites.

A general CG net-resource site.

A site with some great pictures and some RenderMan code inspired from Larry Niven's Ringworld. Brought to you by Jim Williams.

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