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Over the years there have been several SIGGRAPH Courses on RenderMan. It is almost impossible to get the older ones in printed form (or any other form for that matter). But I am listing them to be complete.

Also, as time and need permits, some of the shaders from these courses will find their way into the RMR.

SIGGRAPH '91: Our introduction to RIB, first half somewhat like the RC, covers things like geometry, camera, spaces, etc. Then the last part covers shader writing.

SIGGRAPH '92: Covers shader writing. Has two sections on dealing with anti-aliasing procedural textures. These course notes are available for download in PDF form (~1.2M)

SIGGRAPH '95: Some repeated materials from '92 and some non-Pixar presenters, telling how they used RenderMan on their productions. NOTE: The SIGGRAPH Course Notes CDROM, contain PDF versions of this course. As a bonus, the 3.1 spec PDF and SIGGRAPH '92 course notes were included.

SIGGRAPH '98: Heavy emphasis on extensions, that Pixar has incorporated into prman since, the 3.1 spec. Also, another good presentation on writing anti-aliasing procedural textures. These course notes are available for download in PDF form (1.5M) NOTE: This file is compressed. You will need gunzip to uncompress it.

SIGGRAPH '99: Pretty much at redo of last year's course. Clint Hanson gave some more examples of his volumetric shaders. Also there was a new presenter, Doug Epps, from Tippet Studio.These course notes are available for download in PDF form (1.2M) NOTE: This file is compressed. You will need gunzip to uncompress it.

SIGGRAPH '00(5Megs compressed). The course notes have been rebuilt and are now down to a more manageable 7Megs (5Megs compressed). The table of contents for these notes also linked to all of the sections. The course notes include:

The shaders and example RIBs from the course notes can also be found at: SIG2000 Shaders page.

SIGGRAPH 2001 pdf (5.6 Megs compressed.) Note due to copyright restrictions all of the ILM Phantom meanace pictures have been removed from this PDF version. The notes include:

Don't forget to check out the extras: sig01.course48.xtra.tgz.

Many of the shaders from the extras have been added to Shaders area. At the momement none of these have any complete examples. Also Kevin Bjorke, Christophe Hery and Douglas Sutton stuff haven't been broken out yet.

Here is an addendum to correct a typo for the ILM talk. The lod.cmd listing should be:


      Detail [ -1 1 -1 1 -1 1]

      DetailRange [ 200 500 1e38 1e38 ]
      Color 1 0 0
      Procedural "DelayedReadArchive" [ "$cycleName.HI.$cycleFrame.rib" ] [ $boundingBox ]

      DetailRange [ 50 75 200 500 ]
      Color 0 1 0
      Procedural "DelayedReadArchive" [ "$cycleName.MED.$cycleFrame.rib" ] [ $boundingBox ]

      DetailRange [ 10 15 50 75 ]
      Color 0 0 1
      Procedural "DelayedReadArchive" [ "$cycleName.LO.$cycleFrame.rib" ] [ $boundingBox ]

      DetailRange [ 0 0 10 15 ]
      Color 1 1 1
      Sphere 1 -1 1 360


SIGGRAPH 2002 pdf (10.2 Megs compressed.) The notes include:

Don't forget to check out the extras: sig02.course16.xtra.tgz.

SIGGRAPH 2003 pdf (38 Megs compressed!) The notes include:

Don't forget to check out the extras: sig03.course09.xtra.tgz.

SIGGRAPH 2006 pdf (8 Megs compressed). The notes included:

Don't forget to check out the extras: sig06.course25.xtra.tgz (~1.5 M)

Journal of Graphics Tools

Although the Journal of Graphics Tools is not a publication on RenderMan, it very good and occasionally something RenderMan related shows up, such as the uberlight.

PRMan Specific Publications

This section trys to track all of the known publications on PRMan (or RenderMan ProServer) related subjects. One place that some of these can be found is on the Pixar site itself, under the heading Research.

RayCoherency_EG2003.pdf Ray Differentials and Multiresolution Geometry for Distribution Ray Tracint in Complex Scenes -- EUROGRAPHICS 2003

Per H. Christensen, David M. Laur, Julian Fong, Wayne L. Wooten,
  and Dana Batali.  "Ray Differentials and Multiresolution Geometry
  Caching for Distribution Ray Tracing in Complex Scenes".
  Computer Graphics Forum (Eurographics 2003 Conference Proceedings),
  pages 543-552.  Blackwell Publishers, September 2003.

An Irradiance Atlas for Global Illumination in Complex Production Scenes -- EUROGRAPHICS 2004
Per H. Christensen and Dana Batali. Rendering Techniques 2004 (Proceedings of the Eurographics Sympossium on Rendering 2004), pp. 133-141. Eurographics June 2004

Efficient Image-Base Methods for Rendering Soft Shadows (Maneesh Agrawala etal). This paper was presented at SIGGRAPH 2000, gives some interesting insight into the PRMan multi-map soft shadow technique. Other variants of this subject can be found at the web site.

Deep Shadow Maps (Tom Lokovic and Eric Veach) paper from SIGGRAPH 2000. Other variants can be found at the web site.

The following two PDF documents are from a presentation that Mark Hammel and Tal Lancaster gave for Disney Animation back in March of 2007. Keep in mind that these are just Mark's and my own personal thoughts and experiences of working with PRMan for the past 10 years or so. We could have something wrong and some of information is now out of date. We are neither representing Disney or Pixar. But we do want to thank Disney for letting use share these talk with the RenderMan commmunity.
RenderMan Nuts & Bolts Part 1
RenderMan Nuts & Bolts Part 2

Brent Burley has put together some interesting notes on his findings as he was trying to better understand how PRMan does filtering and the differences between the different filtering kernels.



   Ian Stephenson presented Implementing RenderMan on the Sony PS2

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