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An attempt at an anisotropic surface.

The surface is idealized as a bed of slightly rough parallel cylinders. I use Kajiya's Phong-like highlight from a cylinder (SIGGRAPH '89), coupled with an arbitrary shadowing/masking function. Direction of anisotropy (i.e. the axis of the cylinders) is simply the "U" direction of patch parameter. -- Stephen Sample RIB

Feb 01, 2001 --
Fixed a bug: due to a sign error, the retroreflective lobe will never be seen. I've fixed that and added a couple of parameters to give more control over the look. Updated the RIB file, too. -- Stephen

It's kinda sorta based on one of the results in my paper at SIGGRAPH '92. Seems to work both with BMRT and prman 3.6. -- Stephen. Sample RIB

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