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The following uses a variant of KMTerran_old SWTerran_old.mpg-- (0.157M) 98 frames at 320x240.

The following uses a variant of KMTerran.

Fronterra.mpg-- (0.2M) 60 frames at 464x272. Sample RIB


spaceliner.13.tiffspaceliner.mpg -- (28K) 21 frames at 336x240. This RIB (36K) or gzip'd RIB(4k) contains 1 frame of this animation. The animation was modeled and animated in solidThinking. The background was grabbed from NASA Select and then composited. Shaders used: paintedplastic, emboss, LGHextile. The hull of the ship is a texturemap Hullplate.txS(6k).


KnownSpace.tiff This RIB(23K) is a model of our local stars out to a radius of about 12 lightyears. The radius is centered on Sol. Not much to look at, until you start rotating it!


SpaceShip.tiff This RIB (13K) is a model of an 50's style rocketship.


Hullplate.tiff -- texture map src

Hullplate.tx-- gzip'd prman texture map (6k)


QED_Rocket.tiff Here's an animation animation(458k 40 frames of 320x240 QT) that uses Hullplate. The rocket design comes from Kelly Starks -- the shiny sphere is a 5000 Mw fusion reactor, the gold object is an electrostatic accelerator using water as reaction mass. An engine like this can boost a 747 to Mars in less than a week!

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