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This is an alternative to the KMTerran.sl shader. Really the only difference is in the colormap, which I removed white from the color spline. The result is that ice isn't produced at the polar caps, nor for altitudes. This is the shader used in Terran animation.

TLTerranNwhite.sl Sample RIB


This is the shader used in my Saturn animation.

TLSaturn.sl Sample RIB TLSaturn.slo


This is the shader used in my Saturn animation.

TLRing.sl Sample RIB TLRing.slo

Misc Space Stuff


This is the shader used in my Nebula animation. This shader requires the use of a texture-map. More information can be found at the Nebula animation section.

TLSpaceCloud.sl Sample RIB



This is the shader used in my Bounce1 animation.

TLShiftedMoonTile.sl Sample RIB


This is the shader used in my Bounce2 animation.

TLShiftedD_RTile.sl Sample RIB



Examples of this shader can be found on the Light Blockers page. This light blocker requires a texture-map to work.

TLblocker1spotlight.sl TLblocker1spotlight.slo


Examples of this shader can be found on the Light Blockers page. This light blocker is a procedural version.




Example shader showing typical use of refraction(), reflection(), under prman. The example RIB will generate the environment map and then render the image. A more detailed example of these functions can be found at: ___

TL_rglass.sl Sample RIB


This is the shader used in my Orange in Fog.



Sample displacement shader using Vornoni cell noise. This shader makes use of noises.h from the Advanced RenderMan book. This shader has an output variable, VoroVal that can be used by a surface shader to do things like fill in the cracks with an alternate color. TLd_cell1.slim

This shader is from my "Gazebo project" which I will upload when it is completed.

TLd_cell1.sl Sample RIB


This is the RC paintedplastic, but with 2 parameters to flip s/t coordinates. This is used in the TL_rglass shader.



This is the shader used in my Orange in Fog.



A procedural chome-like shader. The results many not be super exciting, but the source is very instructional of something to do when passing in a point into a shader.

This is a generalized version of Sig91_skymetal.sl. Also this shader contains explainations for the various tramsform gyrations.

This shader will work with older renderer's that didn't have support for the "vector" type. But first a setting will need to be set in the shader, before it is compiled. More information can be found in the shader source.

(137K, 29 (384x256) frame MOV animation). The RIB can be found here (40k).

TLSkymetal.sl Sample RIB


A modified version of uberlight. This version has slim parameter encodings used by sl2slim. These slim encodings hooks up the shader nicely to Maya/MtoR.

Note: in order to quickly tie the shader to Maya's barndoor controls, I created another function to tie to instead of the super-elipse code. Which means one can really mess stuff up if both the super elipse and barn door parameters are used. Ideally, it would be better to just make the super-elipse work with Maya's barndoor controls. l_uber.slim

l_uber now supports PRMan softshadows. To get this when building the shader make sure USE_PRMAN_SOFTS is defined.

l_uber now has support for pointlight shadows. To get this when building the shader make sure USE_POINT_SHADOW is defined.

uberpoint.tgz contains the example RIB to build up the shadows and render the image. (You will still need to grab l_uber.sl.

l_uber.sl Sample RIB l_uber.slo


A modified version of the PRMan paintedplastic. with sl2slim encodings. s_pplastic.slim

s_pplastic.sl Sample RIB s_pplastic.slo


Example shader using fresnel using plastic lighting. Notice how with very little effort the fresnel can give a nice backlighting effect and help the image fit into the background. This shader has sl2slim encodings. This shader is used in the Fresnel example.

The example RIB also uses: TLconstantMap.sl, l_uber.sl, and blueGrid.

This shader make use of the reflections.h, filterwidth.h, raysphere.h header files from the Advanced RenderMan Book. You will need these to compile the shader.

TLFresnelPlastic.sl Sample RIB


Shader gives just a flat color (or colors if a color map is provided) and ignores any lighting.

TLconstantMap.sl Sample RIB TLconstantMap.slo

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