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NOTE: DUE to how this site's server is set up, the server will try to execute files ending in .pl (Perl scripts). For this reason these Perl scripts have the suffix .perl so they can be downloaded. Most likely you will want to rename the file to have the .pl suffix. Also, if you are using a Unix based machine you will want to check the first line to make sure that it matches with where Perl is located on your machine.


As great as BMRT is, its shader compiler (slc) can only accept one file at a time. I have created a little Perl script mslc.perl, that will take a filelist in order to compile a batch of shaders. Be aware that you may need to change the first line to match the location of perl on your system.


This script is for anyone who doesn't have access to Pixar's txmake, but have access to prman.

mktmap.perl This Perl script will create texture maps to be used with Pixar's prman. NOTE: The script actually calls prman and uses MakeTexture. So you will need to have it in your path for it to work.

Usage: mktmap original Image textureMap [wrap function width]

The parameters are really the same as found for the MakeTexture call found on page 256 of the RC, with the exception that "wrap" is used for both swrap and twrap and "width" is used for both swidth and twidth.

RIB intention

A little Perl script to indent RIB files ribindent.perl.

(Another) Particle to Blobby Converter

Another particle to blobby convter for Houdini. However this version is much more refined than my original converter. Very kindly provided by jason iversen.

      usage: cat in.rib | perl houdini_part2blob.filter > out.rib
             cat in.rib | perl houdini_part2blob.filter | render
The script still uses the same convention of looking for objects starting with a prefix of bl_.

Particle to Blobby Converter

Update: Jan 17, 2001
jason iversen has made some tweeks to this script. For one, it will now work better with Houdini4.

part2blob.perl This script is a quick hack to that takes a series of RiSpheres or RiCurves and converts them to RiBlobby. The script isn't very smart and it assumes that the RIB was generated through Houdini (AND NO INSTANCED GEOMETRY).

What this means is that the script expects to see the

setup. The script will try to blob up any objects it finds with a bl_ prefix. In Houdini at the Object-editor, prefix any OPs that are to be converted with bl_. This OP is assumed to be a particle emiter and that it is either emiting the particles as RiSpheres or RiCurves.

RiSpheres will be emitted as 1001 (ellipsoid) blobbys
RiCurves will be emitted as 1002 (segment) blobbys
An example of what this script expects to see is in this compressed RIB file.


PREFIX -- what to prefix to the name of the converted RIB files.
RIB_FILES -- the src RIB files to convert.

Again this is a really dumb and simple script. Unless I have done something really stupid, I probably won't be doing too much more with this script. It is meant as a starting ground. If you make improvements let me know and I will add it to the RMR.

A Houdini example can be found at: rmHoudini.


rendercron.tar is a set of Unix shell scripts for rendering frames overnight as cron jobs. You will need to customize these scripts for your environment before they will work. Contact Gavin Donaldson-Selby for help or suggestions.

Maya RIBexport contains a modified version of the Maya RIB exporter. This version tries to add support for poly UVs. Click here to read more background information. This was contributed by: Olivier Renouard.

MacroModel RIB Converter A DOS program to clean the RIB files from MacroModel to into something a little prettier. ribvrt2.txt is a description of the program.

Object Instancing Expanders

bobjxpand.perl is a rip-off of Larry Grit'z objxpand script. The difference is that this one works on a batch of RIB files. However, it has the side-effect of overwriting the original.

Simple Batch Rendering Script

brender.perl a simple batch rendering script for rendering a sequence of files, that are organized like: FILENAME.dddd.rib. Where ddd is leading 0s. Usage: 13 55 myanim
will render the files myanim.0013.rib to myanim.0055.rib. You may need to edit the script to match your renderer and any options you wish to use.


Has its own page.


rmVertex.mel is a Mel script which adds Vertex variables for Mtor to be exported to RIB.

addConnVertexAttr ("particleShape1", "rmanFidPP", "doubleArray", "particleId");

Will add float vertex variable idPP to the geometry particleShape1 using the value from attribute particleID.


softRman.tgz is a plugin, by Chris Rogers, for Softimage. The source is included.

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