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The Repository was created by Tal Lancaster who maintained it for fifteen years.Read the letter from Tal Lancaster.

For the time being, this site is now an archive of renderman.org.

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A central resource for subjects related to RenderMan®.

Welcome to the first primary web site that is dedicated entirely in sharing information on RenderMan. Work on it started in 1994 and was online in early 1995.

The purpose of this Repository is to help spread the lore of RenderMan®. The RenderMan Repository (RMR) consists of about 75 HTML pages, 200 Megs of data and around 150 shaders at last count. Plus there of dozens of links to various other RenderMan related sites. Near the middle of 2008, a Twiki was added to make it even easier for others to contribute.

The RenderMan Repository has an extensive page dedicated to off-site RenderMan related links. However, here are some highly recommended sites for people who want to improve their RenderMan knowledge:

3.1 RenderMan Spec
3.2 RenderMan Spec (PDF)
RMNotes, by Steve May.

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Newsworthy events and announcements

So anybody got anything newsworthy?

(Sept. 11, 2008)
This year was the Tenth Annual Stupid RAT Tricks. There were a record eight presenters and there were some really cool things presented!

So far, I only have presentations from Ian Stephenson, Steve Agland, Laurent Charbonnel, and Rob Pieke. Here is a link so you can jump directly to SRT2008.

(June 18, 2008)
This year's SIGGRAPH RenderMan User's Group meeting will be on Wednesday 13th, 2008. It's now time to submit something for the 10th annual Stupid RenderMan Trick. The deadline for a Stupid RenderMan Trick is July 17th. If you have a submission to consider send it to: stupidrattricks@pixar.com with the subject Stupid RenderMan Trick, a few paragraphs describing the trick and images, code snippets, etc. If ther is a large amount of material they would prefer a location to a WEB site with the material. NOTE: Invitations to the User's Group meeting will be mailed out to Pixar customers at a later time. Do not try to RSVP until you have received the inviation.

(June 17, 2008)
2008 28th June the first official JP RenderMan user community will take place. Later at Siggraph there will be a follow up meeting. For those interested in how RenderMan is used in Japan and wish to attend please contact info AT rendersan DOT org. For more info go to Bernard's Blog.

(Aug 06, 2007)
News from SIGRAPH 2007
Sunday -- Aug 05 Per Chritensen mentions that PRMan-13.5 has full shader support for Photon Mapping. Photon Mapping has been in the renderer since PRMan-11 when ray tracing was added. However, its application was limited. Hopefully this should allow for its application in productions.

Monday -- Aug 06 The Surf's Up course (headed by Rob Bredow) was great! The course notes are very well done, too. If you didn't make it to the course and don't have access to the SIGGRAPH DVDs, Rob has a lower res version of the PDF at his web site: 185fx.com

(June 24, 2007)
Blizzard Entertainment is looking for a RenderMan Shader writer. Be sure to check out their link for the job qualifications.

(December 19, 2006)
I recieved email from Larry Gritz a little while back pointing out a typo in Advanced RenderMan's filteredsmoothstep:

Original source for the filtedsmoothstep

float filteredsmoothstep (float e0, e1, x, dx)
    float integral (float t) {
	return -0.5*t*t * (t*t + t);
    . . .

Correct start of the function:

float filteredsmoothstep (float e0, e1, x, dx)
    float integral (float t) {
        return -0.5*t*t * (t*t - 2*t);
    . . .

The file has been updated.

(July 30, 2006) SIGGRAPH did it to us again and don't have the DVDs ready in time for the conference!

So I am putting out the materials now. So the conference attendees can enjoy them while they are still here at SIGGRAPH.


You're saying, "Hey I've something I'd like to add. How do I get it there?"

First let's go over policy.

There is now a Twiki, but you will need to sign up to get a login. If you just have shaders and stuff that you would rather have me put in the shader section:
For now the only way to get things for the non-Twiki side is to email it directly to me at rib AT renderman DOT org. If it is binary, I can handle MIME, or just plain uuencode.

On a related topic, I won't accept any binaries (pictures excepted) such as compiled shader files, etc. If you have a shader that you would like to share but don't want to distribute the source or if you have some shaders that you would like to sell. Then feel free to send some pictures that you feel shows them off.

A) If it is just source -- make sure you include some comments telling us this is yours, so we know who it came from and who to give credit to. Also, if you are sending a shader, make sure you include a simple RIB that shows the shader off.

B) Anything else include a readme describing what it is and that this is yours.

Any comments or suggestions? Send them to: rib AT renderman DOT org

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