Why is the RMR copyrighted and how does it affect me?

This site is copyrighted to help protect the contents of the site and everybody who has contributed to it. Part of the reason for this site is to help people learn RenderMan better. You are free to download the contents and make use of the materials for your own personal (or even your companies local use). But if you have the urge to start distributing the contents (including the pictures derived from the shaders and RIBs) in any form please observe the following:

1) Give the originators the credit they deserve.

2) Let me know that you are doing so.

3) (Optional but it would make me happy) Let them know where you got them from ie. The RenderMan Repository

NOTE: If you contact the originators directly and leave me out of the loop, you may end up with me hounding you unnecessarily. So you should at do #2.

What if I contributed something how does it affect me?

Not very much. Your stuff is still your stuff. I just want to make sure you are given credit when it is being used by others.

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