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What's New? (04 Jul 2000)

What's on this page?

What's here (or what will be here)?

The purpose of this Repository is to help spread the lore of RenderMan.

The RMR consists of about 30 HTML pages, 30 Megs of data and around 150 shaders at last count. Plus there of dozens of links to various other RenderMan related sites.

This site is your site too, so don't be just a lurker. If you have something to share, by all means feel free to do so. This site will become only as good as you help make it.

Don't feel you have to have finished work either. I have been considering building a "Work in Progress" section, for code that doesn't produce the desired results or are wondering if there is a better way of doing it.

OF NOTE: I use Pixar's prman and Larry Gritz' BMRT under UNIX based OSes like SGI, Linux, and NeXTSTEP. So if information seems slanted towards these renders and environments, it is because they are what I know and use on a daily basis.

However, these renders and others do run under other OSes. For example, BMRT now runs under W95 and NT!


Newsworthy events and announcements

So anybody got anything newsworthy?


July 25 (Tuesday): Advanced RenderMan course
July 26 (Wednesday): RenderMan User's Group meeting. Refreshments start at 6:30pm. RSVP to renderwoman AT pixar DOT com . Also at there will be another installment of "Stupid RenderMan Tricks".

Larry and Tony will be signing their Advanced RenderMan book. So make sure bring your copy with your to SIGGRAPH. If you don't have one yet, there should be plenty copies available for purchase on the showroom floor.

Dinosaur poster

The Dinosaur trailer can be found at the Apple trailers site. The teaser is on the Tarzan DVD and video. If you want more, take a quick surf on the net there are a number of links with various tidbits.

What is RenderMan?

Check out an excerpt from the FAQ (Now in HTML) for the usenet group comp.graphics.rendering.renderman, maintained by Larry Gritz.

Also, reading the FAQ is a good way to make your posts to the RenderMan Newsgroup (news:comp.graphics.rendering.renderman) be more intelligent and less annoying to us old timers on the newsgroup. There is nothing more annoying (well, ok Spammers are much worse), then questions like "Where can I get RenderMan?" "Are there any good RenderMan books?" To which the answers are easily found, in the FAQ or a few minutes, from a WEB or newsgroup search.

The RenderMan Repository has an extensive page dedicated to off-site RenderMan related links. However, here are some highly recommended sites for people who want to improve their RenderMan knowledge:

3.1 RenderMan Spec
Prman Application Notes: with subjects using displacement shaders, shadow maps, interface summary, new features and lots more!
RMNotes, by Steve May.


Your saying, "Hey I've something I'd like to add. How do I get it there?"

First let's go over policy.

For now the only way to get things the WEB site is to email it directly to me at rib AT renderman DOT org. If it is binary, I can handle MIME, or just plain uuencode.

On a related topic, I won't accept any binaries (pictures excepted) such as compiled shader files, etc. If you have a shader that you would like to share but don't want to distribute the source or if you have some shaders that you would like to sell. Then feel free to send some pictures that you feel shows them off.

A) If it is just source -- make sure you include some comments telling us this is yours, so we know who it came from and who to give credit to. Also, if you are sending a shader, make sure you include a simple RIB that shows the shader off.

B) Anything else include a readme describing what it is and that this is yours.

The contents of the RMR are maintained and copyrighted by Tal Lancaster

Any comments or suggestions? Send them to: rib AT renderman DOT org

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