What's New!

From January 24, 1998 - December 31, 1998

Added two anisotripic shaders: LGbrushed_metal and SHW_brushedmetal.

Updated the link to Wave's web page at MIT.

Uploaded missing shader MKshadowdistant_rim that was missing from Mike King's shader page.

Fixed some data entry problems that were trashing all but the first two entries on SWShaders page.
Added more shaders to MKShaders.

Added new Page MKShaders.

Fixed links to SideFX on the rmHoudini page. Misc. typos on the main RMR page.

Well after a short hiatus, the RMR is back up on a new machine. I haven't had a chance to check that all the links are ok. So the site still might be a little unstable for a few more days.

Added new page Dynamic Shared Objects. It can be found off of the rmDetails page.

Added link to Keita Maeda's page on RenderMan Subdivision Surfaces on the OtherLinks page.

Fixed links relating to the Sparks demo MPEG and Houdini HIP files.

Updated to the 9/25/98 HTML version of Larry's CGRR FAQ.
Added link to RenderWrapper on the OtherLinks page.

Fixed typo on the uberlight page. I was really using the smoke.sl shader from the prman App. Note # 20.

Added link to Gritzmark BMRT benchmarking page on the OtherLinks page.

Added link to a 3D modeler, Mops on the OtherLinks page.

Added link to a SoftImage-to-RIB exporter on the OtherLinks page.

Added some particle demos on the rmHoudini page.

News on a free Houdini talk on the 22nd and 23rd.

Updated Space Crib animation so the crib is more visible.

New Utilities brender.pl, bobjxpand.pl, and objxpand.pl New shader page containing Laurent Charbonnel's shaders has been added. A New page giving tips and examples of using Houdini with RenderMan: rmHoudini

Updated link to Okino's RIB export program on OtherLinks page.

Updated OtherLinks page to better describe Johan Aberg's RenderMan Links

Updated the HTML version of Larry's CGRR FAQ to match the 8/1/98 version.

New page uberlight based off one of the sections from the Siggraph '98 RenderMan course.

Updated rmDetails to link to this new page.

Renamed light shader uber to uberlight. Also fixed typo dealing with shadow-maps.

Added the uber light shader. Note: At the moment this shader hasn't been released with BMRT but it should be in the next release.

The Announcement section has some of news, I picked up while at Siggraph.

Added Updated the link to Malcom Kesson's graphics course on the OtherLinks page. BTW- this link has a lot of new information. Removed the link to his RenderMan noteses from the rmDetails page.

Updated the link to Sean Cier's Java Bindings on the OtherLinks page.

Added more information on the RenderMan User's Meeting, hosted by Pixar, in the Announcement section.

Added link to Neal Mcdonald's web page on the OtherLinks page.

Added an Announcement section on the top RMR page. This section is experimental. Let me know how useful you think it is. Or how annoying that blinking Announcement is.

Added link for Side Effects' Houdini, OtherLinks page.

On rmShowAndTell brought back missing pictures, animation, and several paragraphs of text on the Nebula animation.

Rewrite for BMRTShaders. Takes into all of the new shaders and examples for BMRT 2.3.6. 4/19/98
I have made an HTML version of Larry's CGRR FAQ.

Fixed link for DPWallpaper.sl on the DPShaders page.
Added link to Malcom Kesson's PDF course notes on the OtherLinks page as it was getting missed on the rmDetails page.

Fixed broken for colorman.c for rcCh2
All of Larry's shader source and etc. are available again on LGShaders
Fixed some links on TLShaders.

Fixed broken links for KessonPDF, Malcom Kesson's PDF documents.

Added new pages: Surface, Displacement, Light, Volume, Imager. Which can be accessed from RMRShaders. These new pages are a catagorized listings from the other shaders pages.
Fixed all missing links on the RIBS page.

Brought back all of the missing files from DPShaders page. Fixed permissons for shader KMFlame.

Have added a page for doing simple searches in the RMR. It isn't much but it works.

Almost all of the Shader related links are rewriten. Also the OtherLinks page has been rewritten.
The missing nebula examples is now back in the rmShowAndTell page.
Many of the links have slightly new names.
My work schedual hasn't let up yet, so I opted for usability vs flashy graphics.

This site is hurting...
It has been severely neglected from my 70 hour work weeks.
I am makeing the following News Years Resolutions:.
1. January, to give the RMR a partial face-lift..
2. February bring back search capabilities.
3. March, we'll see how we do on the first two....

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