What's New!

From May 30, 1999 - Dec 2000

Added new shaders to Peter Quint Shaders page.

Added two new shaders to Peter Quint Shaders page.

Added link to Air on the OtherLinks page.

Fixed link to Thomas' Affine Toolkit

Added link to RhinoMan

Added RenderCron to the Utils page.

Brought back missing Chapter 12 from the RenderMan Companion.

Added link to CEC in Computer Animation and Digital Effects on the OtherLinks page.

Added link to DigitalMarquette on the OtherLinks page.

Renamed Snibbits to RenderMania. 10/01/00
New Shader page for Xavier Matia Bernasconi's shaders

Added a link to Joe Alter's Shave and Haircut modeling program.

Added link to another RenderMan site. This one is maintained by Simon Bunker.

New PDF file for SIG2000 RenderMan course notes. This one is now down to about 7Megs. It also sports bookmarks and a table of contents that is clickable to all of the course note's sections.

Fixed link to rmTMaps at: DPShaders#DPPerturb

Removed the HTML version of the CGRR FAQ from off the website.

A corrected version of the SIGGRAPH 2000 RenderMan course notes is now online.

Added link to HIGHEND3D's RenderMan and MTOR forum

Added links to flex/yacc grammars at OtherLinks

Removed defunct link to rib tickler

New page SIG2000 to hold the Very Advanced RenderMan 2 course notes and shaders.

Added link to a new RenderMan renderer, AQSIS, on the OtherLinks page.

Fixed link to the Hash RIB plugin on the OtherLinks page.

Fix broken links on Show and Tell. All of the links to the RenderMan Companion didn't get updated when those files got moved.

Add announcements about the RenderMan course, RenderMan User's group meeting, and the 2nd annual "Stupid RenderMan tricks to the Announcement section.

Updated link to the Vision project on the OtherLinks#Renderers page.

On the Books page, changed the local link of the 3.1 PDF spec to point to the one on Pixar site.

Added a link to the PDF version of the spec on the main RMR page, too.

Added PDF version of the RenderMan 3.1 Spec to Books#SIGGRAPH page.

Added announcement for the Side Effects and HP event on May 23 in the announcement section.

Updated link to Andreas Butz', TKMatMan program on the OtherLinks page.

Updated Scott Iverson's email address on the RIBS page. Also, added a link to Scott's r enderer.

Added two new shaders and examples to Ivan DeWolf Shaders page.

Added a link to Nicholas Yue's RenderMa n site.

Added announcement of new RenderMan course at SIGGRAPH this year.

Added link to the Dinosaur Trailer that is att he Apple site.

Add announcement of release of prman3.9.

Added shader, PQCrayon to the PQShaders directory

Added the announcement that the Advanced RenderMan book is available. Also the annoucement section, lists some free Houdini classes if you are in the LA area.

Fixed links to the TLShaders, on the Refraction/Reflection page.

Ivan DeWolf send me a new bunch of shaders that have been added. The shaders cover subjects like non-linear displacements and creating a 'toon' image.

Olivier Renouard has a modified Maya RIB exporter. It has been added to the Utils page.

Added a picture of the cover for the ARM book.
Added link to Przemyslaw Koprowski's PaC Man.
Added a link to Ugo Varetto's web page.
Swapped out Mike King's MKfancysurf shader with a new version.

Ok, the perl scripts on the Utils page should be available for downloading. If anyone still has problems viewing these let me know.

Fixed link to Malcom Kesson's pages on the OtherLinks page.

Added copy RMR index page to www.renderman.org. At some point the old page will be removed.

Added some RiBlobby stuff: rmHoudini and part2blob.pl.

Added new Shader page, MRShaders.

Added link to Jan Walter's Python Blender export scripts on OtherLinks page.

Updated link to od[force] on the rmHoudini page. Also add a link to this site at OtherLinks page.

Updated the RIBs & pics for IDShaders so everything will be brighter.

Fixed links on BMRTShaders. They were pointing to noise.h and they should have been noises.h.

Finally got around to adding a shader DSO example

Added two mpeg animation clips to IDShaders.

Removed extra Ka paramter from TLpplastic.

New page shaders: IDShaders.

Fixed link to 3.1 at the Pixar site.

Added link to Sig '95 course notes

Two new shaders TL_rglass and TLpplastic.

New page: Refraction, Reflection, and Fresnel. It gives examples of using these function calls. Currently, the Fresnel example is missing.

Added missing links for AnimalLOGIC's MaxMan and SoftMan products, on the OtherLinks page.

Also that page now as a link to a RIB-exporter for Hash Animation Master '99.

Reorganized the OtherLinks page.

Added a very simple C binding to duplicate a RIB example from Appnote#19 to the Examples page>

Have local copies of some of the Siggraph RenderMan PDF documents, including '99.

Removed link to fracTG as it longer exports RIB. Besides its home was on geocities.

I added the navigational header on the main RMR page. This was for those of you who use explicit window placement so you have an alternative to the popup menu.

It seems as though some people are having trouble with the style-sheets. There is a Site Index listing all of the html pages in the RMR. Note, these are in no particular order, but they are indented by their depth in the directory tree. 8/5/99
The Houdini link was missing. Now it can be accessed through the Examples page.

Updated link for FracTG.

Added new shaders page, JMShaders. So far it only contains a neat Apple shader

Updated the RIBS page. Some of the links and images were broken. Also, I modified the mechtoy.rib example so that it renders correctly.

Added RenderMan related announcements to the Newsworthy section.

The RMR Site Index link is now up.

Added new clickable pic on main page. Currently, 8 of the crates are clickable.

The RMR is starting to get a long overdue facelift. Hopefully, this will make it a little easier to navigate.

The following pages still need more work: rmTop (RMR's main page) and everything under the Examples page. So if you find something broken from off one of the other trees, let me know as it should be working.


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