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From January 04, 2001 - August 23, 2003

SIGGRAPH 2003 RenderMan course notes now online.

On main RMR page added section on RIB History and a pointer to a slide from SIGGRAPH 2003 showing some of the milestones with RIB over the past 15 years.

Added Stupid RenderMan/RAT Tricks 2003 page. Currently all that is there is a list of the presenters and links to Ian Stephenson's presentation.

Added some quick observances from SIGGRAPH 2003 in the Newsworthy section

Added link to DarkTree a procedural shader authoring program.

Updated email for Rudy Cortes

Added link to jrMan on the OtherLinks page.

Fixed the links on this page for the 5/13/03 entry. It seems my script to put back the relative links on this host, didn't handle a special case.

Fixed link to Pixie in the Newsworthy section.

Moved root back to /RMR. Site should now be offically seen from this host. I still haven't been able to recieve mail from .org address (I haven't since the end of April due to an issue with the old host! Now that everything is offically on this host things should be back to normal in a few days.).

Added annoucement to PRMan-11.5 (Pro Server) and the Annual Stupid Rat Trickes in the Announcement section.

Added Rudy's web site to RudyCShaders page.

Added link to CGKit, a Python RenderMan binding, on the OtherLinks page.

Added link to Pixie on the OtherLinks page.

Moved RMR to new domain. Had to change root references from /RMR to /renderman.org/RMR. Hopefully didn't mess anything up.

New shader RudyCsteelFoor_d on RudyCShaders page.

Added snippets on: Pixie, Ayam, and Aqsis on the in the Newsworthy section.

After being down for more than a week the RMR is back online. As I had to do a complete upload to a new server, from my local copy of the site, it is possible there are pieces missing or information that is out of date. If you notice any problems please let me know. Remember to remove the SpamSucks from any of the emails that you see on the site.

Added link to Owen Roberts' DispBake.

New shader page: Peter Stuart Shaders

Added announcement to the availablity of Aqsis 0.7.4 on Newsworthy section.

Added link to Colin Doncaster's Liquid.

Added blimp on beta release of 3Delight on Newsworthy section.

Added link to Dominik Susmel's RSL Documentation pages on OtherLinks page.

Brought back missing images from the Ivan DeWolf Shaders page.

Added more information about Air and other programs from sitexgraphics

Added some info and a link to Ian Stephenson's Esential RenderMan book


Added RudyCstones shader to RudyCShaders

Added New shader page RudyCShaders

Added new shader on JMShaders page.

OtherLinks mentioned that BMRT and entropy are no longer available.

Created page blackSIGGRAPH which talks a little bit historically about the demise of BMRT and entropy.

Added Graeme Nattress Shader page.

Added link to Nicholas Yue's Animation Master plugin to export RIB to OtherLinks page.

Added Wayne's power point slides for his SRT.

Ok, actually added the SIGGRAPH 2002 course notes and extras.

Added Stupid RenderMan/RAT Tricks 2002.

Added link to HTML version of Jonathan Litt and Dan Goldman's SRT 2001 presentation.

Added RenderMan SIGGRAPH 2002 course notes and extras.

Added link for 3Delight in the Renders section.

Added announcement for release of Ayam 1.2 and information on the SIGGRAPH 2002 Renderman coures on announcements.

Added Glue to the converter's section.

Fixed link to Ethel.

Added RenderMan trademarks to main RMR page and added some more information to the What is RenderMan? heading on same page.

Fixed messed up links on Reflection, Refraction, and Fresnell page.

Added link to Side Effects' training page.

Added link about shaders at the Renderosity site on OtherLinks.

Added site Lightviz.org on OtherLinks.

Changed every email address (I think) listed on the site to contain bogus data. Now you will have to edit the address manually when using any of addresses.

Added link to hamapatch on OtherLinks.

Added announcement for announcements for the release of AIR.

Updated information on both AIR and siren on the OtherLinks page.

Added announcements for Pixar's release of RAT 5 and their feature list for PRMan 11.

Boy PRMan 10 wasn't even a month old yet. I had heard rumors of some of the features coming for 11, but they were just the tip of the iceburg.

Added PRMan softShadow support to l_uber. Also it has sl2slim encodings for MTOR.

Added Ivan DeWolf to the speaker list for Stupid RenderMan Tricks 1999.

Added link to AutoRIB on the OtherLinks page.

Added link to 3Delighter, a GUI for 3Delight.

Added more information on Stupid RenderMan Tricks 1999 thanks to the assistance of Joon Song.

New shader page: Fredrik Gustafsson Shaders

Added new page Stupid RenderMan Tricks 1999. So far it only has one entry.

Updated Lee Sullivan's email address on Depth of Field page.

Added announcement for Exluna's announcement for Entropy 3.1.

New announcement for TkMatMan 1.9. Also updated the TkMatMan on the OtherLinks page.

New annuoncement for RhinoMan.

New shader page: Jim Bumgardner. Jeff's first contribution is a moon-like crater shader.

Added Wave's missing Cinderblock pieces.

Added mel script rmVertex.mel for adding vertex variables to be used by MTOR.

Fixed link on UberLight back to its parent.

Added pointlight shadow support to l_uber. l_uber.sl, l_uber.slo, l_uber.slim have all been updated to reflect this addition. Also, there is a new example showing this feature in action.

New shader TLd_cell1.sl, sample displacement shaders using Vornoni cell noise.

New shaders TLFresnelPlastic.sl and TLconstantMap.sl

Added some examples using fresnel

Added texturemap blueGrid.tif.

A very brief way to say that 63 files totalling 1.1 megs were added.

Updated Pixar RendeMan Spec links for refract, reflect, and resnel on the Refraction, Reflection, Fresnel page.

Updated Pixar RenderMan Spec links on Depth of Field page.

Fixed link to sl2slim.tar on this page. 01/21/02
Updated Link for HDRShop.

New announcement for Ayam 1.1.

Added note for users of IE for special instructions for downloading the gzipped PDF documents on the Pubs page.

Fixed formating problem with images on OtherLinks page. Also, updated Pixar logo. Added Entropy link.

Reformated the OtherLinks page so hopefully it will be easier to read the various links.

Uploaded some missing files from Frank Summers Shaders.

New shader page Frank Summers Shaders.

Forgot to update sl2slim.tar to contain the new version of sl2slim.pl

Updated sl2slim script so that it is slightly more robust.

Updated info on Aquis.

Update various Pixar links on the Pubs and main RMR page.

Added link to dream.com.ua, which has a bunch of RenderMan related links and utilities. Some of them in Russian.

Added link to DeathFall.

Fixed my email address on the Books page.

Updated the main RMR image. This is closer to what I had originally had in mind with the previous one, I just never had the time to start polishing it off. There are still a few more tweeks that need adding. Once they are done, I am hoping to put together a page describing how it was put together and uploading the shaders.

On, srt2001 fixed a couple of slides from Mach's ConstantTiles presentation and fixed a line in his example shader.

Added Christophe Hery's PowerPoint slides from his Stupid RAT Tricks talk.

Added an addendum with a corrected listed for lod.cmd from the SIGGRAPH 2001 course notes.

Added StarOffice versions of Mach's SRT slides.

Added announcement for new Ayam release in the Announcement section.

Added a link to DoberMan on the OtherLinks page.

It seems over the years my personal page has gotten a little decrepit. I fixed as many of the links that I can for the moment.

Added announcement for AnimalLOGIC's MayaMan in the announcements section. Also updated the AnimalLOGIC links.

Updated the TLShaders page because it was missing the links to the l_uber and s_pplastic example shaders for sl2slim.

Added the Side Effects free training schedule for September in the announcements section.

Fixed link to Ian's Inoise DSO.

Fixed link to the Shadermaps Technical Report.

Started the first installment of Stupid RenderMan/RAT tricks on the Examples page

Added Kevin Bjorke's examples to the SIG20001 shaders page. Still none of the shaders on this page have any complete examples nor are the ILM guys stuff on here yet.

Included some minor additions to the SIGGRAPH 2001 course section.

Added link for SIGGRAPH 2001 shaders to the RMRShaders page.

Newsworthy contains some RenderMan related info I picked up at SIGGRAPH 2001.

Added information on Inoise, an Integrated Perlin noise shader op.

Added information on Shadermaps.

Added HDR Shop to OtherLinks page.

New section on HDR.

New page SIG2001 shaders. This page is currently missing the code from Kevin Bjorke's section.

Added course notes and extras for the SIGGRAPH 2001 RenderMan course.

Fixed messed up permissions for main RMR page and rmNew page.

Added Entropy announcement on SIGGRAPH booth times

. 08/06/01
Added missing util sl2slim.tar.

Added sl2slim (makes .slim files for MTOR from .sl shader encodings) to the Util page.

Added two new shaders: l_uber and s_pplastic as examples for the sl2slim utility.

Added info on SIGGRAPH RenderMan course under Announcements

Added a lex/yacc grammar link for a RenderMan Shading Language on OtherLinks page.

Added link to HaRM by Ian Stephenson on OtherLinks.

Added link to LtoR a Lightwave to RenderMan converter on OtherLinks.

Added link to Ethel on OtherLinks.

Added link to a vtk RIB exporter onOtherLinks.

Updated RenderMan links for Highend3d and ShellyLib on OtherLinks

Added Houdini User's Group announcement.

Added a table to the Depth of Field page

Added link to Ayam a free 3D modeler.

Finally added a Search capabilities.

Added announcement for Stupid RAT Tricks.

Added new section on RenderMan Depth of Field command.

Removed dead links from OtherLinks page:
Photon, Moray RIB exporter, and sPatch.

New Houdini training courses for June.

Updated Ivan's email address on the IDShaders page.

New Houdini workshops

Added new link, Display Drivers. Not much there yet, just a link to the drivers found at the RhinoMan site.

Mentioned news from Exluna in the announcements section.

Fixed messed up link to Steve Weintz textures on the rmTMaps page.

New Houdini workshops

Fixed HTML typo that was messing up formating on the Utils page.

Added Houdini course announcements.

Removed Chris Rogers softRman link as package is no more.

Added a stained glass shader by Andrew Klishin.

Brought back missing script ribindent.perl

Updated link to Malcom Kesson's course. (Actually it seems as though this new link is broken, too.

Replaced the SHW_velvet shader and RIB with the ones that Steve posted on the CGRR usenet group Feb. 01.

Added a more refined particle to blobby script.

Added an update to part2blob.perl thanks to Jason Iversen.

It seems as though the formating for some of the SIGGRAPH 2000 shaders in the sig2k_xtra.tgz tar file still were messed up. They should all be fixed now.

Added the shaders, from Rob Bedow's course notes found in sig2k_xtra.tgz, to SIG2000 page.


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