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AIR 1.9 04/20/02

   -Floating-point output
   -Arbitrary output variables
   -Faster rendering of large scenes
   -New controls for faster global illumination
   -New environment lighting options
   -Linux version

Pixar 04/02/02
Pixar announces Ray Tracing and Globbal Illumination for PRMan 11

Check out Pixar News for more details. Here are just a few of the highlights:

* Selective Ray Tracing 
   + Transluceny and color shadows
* Indirect Illumination 
   + Caustics 
   + Global Illumination
   + Hemispheric Lights 
* Deep Shadows
The beta is suppose to be available in June. Release Q4.

Pixar 04/03/02
Pixar announces release of RenderMan Artist Tools (RAT) 5.0

* Irma -- a re-render
* support for facevarying specifier  (SubDs & texture map coordinate systems)
* Improved control for AOV(arbitrary output variables) specification
* 2 to 15 times speed up in RIB generation
* Tons of other features and bug fixes!

Pixar 03/07/02
Pixar announces release of PRMan 10.0

* TIFF Textures. 
* Class Specifier 'Facevarying'
* Unlimited Arbitrary Output Variables
* Conditional RI Evaluation
* Inline RIB Archives
* Renderer Checkpointing
* Rendering Contexts
* Non-raster Oriented Dicing
* Soft Shadow speedup and improvements
* Shading Language Enhancements

Exluna 02/26/02
Exluna announces availability of Entropy 3.1

Some of the key features of Entropy 3.1 include:
* NEW:  Direct support for 3ds max
* NEW:  Depth of Field
* NEW:  HDRI environment lighting support
* NEW:  Implicit surfaces (Blobbies)
* OPTIMIZED:  Ray Tracing
* OPTIMIZED:  Shadow Maps
* OPTIMIZED:  Motion Factor
* OPTIMIZED:  Motion Blur
* OPTIMIZED:  Backface Culling

TkMatMan 02/24/02
Version 1.9 of TkMatMan shader previewer has been released. It now supports Entropy, in addition to BMRT, 3Delight, RenderDotC and PRMan. Some of the other new features are: support for normal and matrix shader parameters, option for a checkered patch under the object for testing transparent, reflective and/or refractive materials, float parameters now accept negative values, and several more. TkMatMan is available for download from RenderMania (both the Tcl/Tk scripts and the Windows executables) - http://www.rendermania.com/downloads.shtml and from the 'Files' section of the BMRT Yahoo! Group (just the scripts) - http://groups.yahoo.com/group/bmrt

RhinoMan 02/24/02
RhinoMan update:

1. The help files have been updated to include context sensitive help
for many of the RhinoMan windows. (press F1 in the window)

2. The installer has been fixed so it installs BMRT correctly if it
locates BMRT and it has not been configured. This fixes the "black
rendering" problem that occurred because BMRT couldn't find any shaders.

3. The RenderManager now correctly reports errors it finds. It wasn't
reporting errors at all.

4. Shadow maps did not correctly work on dual processor systems
5. Dual processor rendering was broken.
6. The RhinoMan display is now an added option to the "file" and
"framebuffer" display options.
7. The CloseDisplayWindow command now closes the last rendering started.

8. The RhinoManRenderModal command toggles the rendering mode to mimic
Rhinos' behavior when rendering. This is useful for rendering using a
script such as the animation workspace.

Ayam 01/21/02
Ayam 1.1 has been released.
This version features a lot of bug fixes, support for Metaballs, and many enhancements that make modelling easier. Ayam is available from http://www.ayam3d.org/

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