This page uses Larry Gritz's uberlight to roughly mimic examples found in: Ronen Barzel's article "Lighting Controls for Computer Cinematography" from the Journal of Graphics Tools. An abstract of this article can be found at Barzel97. This paper was also reprinted in the Siggraph '98 RenderMan Course.

In addition to the uberlight, the other nonstandard shader used in theses examples is smoke.sl from App. Note #20. NOTE: I didn't try to completely reconstruct the objects, camera, or light palcement. Also, I was lazy and used ambient light instead of using any fill lights. But hopefuly, everything is close enough to get the point through.

Another point of interest, the RIBs were made using Houdini. Notice how nice the RIB look and all of the friendly comments.


fig1.tiff fig1 RIB Cylinder and cube on the floor, torus in midair.


fig2.tiff fig2 RIB Same as Fig. 1, with a conical key light.


fig3.tiff fig3 RIB Selection Same as Fig. 2, but the torus is unaffected by the key light.


fig5.tiff fig5 RIB Rouned rectangle shage.


fig6.tiff fig6 RIB A sheard barn door light.


fig6b.tiff fig6b RIB Same as Fig. 6, but with the shear turned off.


fig7.tiff fig7 RIB Same as Fig.5, but with soft edges.


fig9.tiff fig9 RIB Same as Fig. 2, but with a sharp cutoff.


fig10.tiff fig10 RIB Same as Fig. 2, but with a gradual cuton.


fig11.tiff fig11 RIB Basic shadows. Same as Fig. 2, but with shadows from the key light. For prman shad.rib was used to generate the shadow-map.


fig12.tiff fig12 RIB Shadow selection. Same as Fig. 11, but the cube casts no shadow. For prman shad.rib was used to generate the shadow-map.


fig17.tiff fig17 RIB Projecting a matte image as a "cookie cutter" to get alternate light shades. This RIB uses star.tiff for a texture-map


fig17b.tiff fig17b RIB Same as Fig. 17, but the width and height are set to 0.5 instead of 1.0.


fig18.tiff fig18 RIB Instead of using simulating shadows, using a projected matte image of tiny stars, star2.tiff


fig18b.tiff fig18b RIB Same as Fig. 18, but with the atmosphere shader turned on.


fig20.tiff fig20 RIB Projecting a color image to get a slide effect. The image used in this case is: pen.tiff


fig21.tiff fig21 RIB Intensity distribution across beam


fig22.tiff fig22 RIB Intensity falloff with distance.

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