Various images (ok only two. But you can always send me more)

TIFF images to be used with shaders that can handle texture-maps. Remember, if you are using Pixar's prman you will need to first convert it into its "texture-map" format before it can be used.

So far there are only two texture-maps (and they are sort of the same and yet different).

What's on this page?

The first is here now mainly for historical reasons. It is from Michael B. Johnson's (aka. Wave) WavesWorld distribution. The file is a 256x256 texture-map, called grid.tiff.


This next texture-map is an improved version of Wave's. It was created by Steve Westin. If you click on the image you will get a gzip-compressed file called grid2.tiff.gz. The compressed file is around 14k. Uncompressed it is around 800k.

-- Click on image to go to Ivan DeWolf Shaders for the texture map and examples.

-- Click on image to go to Steve's SWShaders page to for the texture map and to see some examples.

Simple blue gradient map.

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